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Friday, March 25, 2005

My Sleeeeek iPod Mini

The iPod package design is minimalistic but very very functional

iPod Mini

For someone who has been living in a Microsoft ruled world, I was ignorant of Apple's mind blowing design standards till i was gifted a iPod Mini recently. And what a product it is !!! I felt like a young kid jumoing around his first toy.

Lets start with the package design. Neat-is the word that comes to my mind. Everythings been stacked away neatly. Every minute detail is taken care of... no ugly tapes anywhere, no ugly plastic tie ups for the wires and very minimalistic design of the box.

Then comes the actual product itself. Lets keep sound fidility / quality aside for a while. The iPod is such a sleek thing ... no ugly buttons protuding anywhere ... light weight (though i now hope it would be a little more light) very handy. Looks more like a... a ciggarette pack or a visiting card holder ... anything but a music player. Simply Awesome.

Installation was a breeze. Though it took me some 'thinking' to get used to iTunes. But once i figured that out, i dumped all my favourite songs from my PC and all my CDs (4gb/1000 songs now looks too little actually) and started enjoying. After a couple days i realised that i'm gawking over the product as such than the quality of the sound. I mean its no big deal. But boy, was i wrong. I was playing some Bollywood songs. They sounded good. But ... it was the same whether i listened to them over my walkman.. or my cd player or for that matter this iPod. Then i thought let me try a different genre of songs.. and started playing some rock, pop & blues.... and was i in for a surprise or what... the sound clarity and effects were mind blowing... literally.

Well it's a week now and i'm still doing some research on my new gadget.

Apple Rocks !!!